Stop Wasting Time & Money

If you’re running an incentive program for your company but you’re not using Payback Incentives, here are two absolute truths:

You’re spending too much time administering the program

You’re spending too much money with your incentive provider

So take a look at the program options below. Then, let’s start saving you both time and money.

Payback Incentives Pricing

Program FeaturesStarter
No minimum purchases, contracts or commitments
Low monthly fee covers all participants
Purchase points as you go for just $1 per point. Each point is worth $1 (no markups). We get discounts from our merchants, so there’s no added charge to you.
No setup fees. Just build it now and go.
Variety of e-gift cards gives recipient the gift of choice with immediate, free delivery via email
Simple user management control
Basic reports that show what you’ve spent and who received points
Pay easily and instantly via PayPal or credit card*
Add your own FAQs tailored to your company
Ability to instantly recognize any program participant
Unlimited participants 
Up to 100 participants  
Advanced reporting 
Pay by credit card or PayPal  
Pay by ACH, company check, PayPal, or credit card* 
Site customization (add your logo and company color) 
Auto approve, single-level approval, or dual-level approval of entries. Administrator can also have final approval of all entries. 
Ability to add your company’s Core Values to the program and reward participants accordingly 
Assign points to others in your organization so they can recognize any participant 
TakeBack feature allows you to reassign points for distribution 
No third-party advertising on your site 
Save 10% off the monthly fee by paying one year in advance


*When you select the Starter Plan, you’ll be able to pay for points with PayPal or a credit card, both of which include a transaction fee of approximately 3%.There is no markup: points cost $1 USD each and have a redemption value of $1 USD for e-gift cards offered within Payback. When you select the Advanced Plan or Pro Plan, you’ll have the option to pay for your points — and your monthly fee — via ACH transfer, company check, company credit card, or PayPal with no transaction fee.